Designer Virtual Staging

Hyper-Realistic staging utilizing designer brands, curated by world-class interior designers. Utilize our virtual staging on vacant or cluttered real estate listings.

HD Estates Virtual Staging

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does virtual staging cost?

Virtual staging ranges in price and depends on the number of photos you wish to stage and if you need to declutter. Clients will spend anywhere from $30-$60 per photo which is a savings of over 90% compared with traditional staging.

How to do virtual staging?

Virtual staging is accomplished by utilizing powerful computer systems with software to create 3D furniture models in a 2D image. HD Estates trains virtual stagers for over 1-year and it takes on average two hours to produce one virtually staged photo. Our 3D designers take a 2D photo and measure lines to create a 3D space for furniture placement. After our team creates a 3D space we then use programs like Autodesk and Maya to place 3D objects into the space. The next step is to create realistic lighting in the 3D space which will create highlights and shadows of all the furniture to make the image look realistic. When the artist has completed all of these steps we will render the 3D image to a 2D output with a high powered computer.

What is virtual staging?

Virtual staging is an affordable alternative to traditional home staging and digitally places 3D furniture from a catalog into a space or room.

What does virtually staged mean?

A photo that is virtually staged means that there is 3D furniture placed in a room using high-powered computers with specialized software. Virtual staging gives buyers the ability to view the home with different interior designs without having to move anything or spend thousands of dollars on physical renovations.

What is staging in real estate?

Staging in real estate is when an interior designer or stager removes the homeowner's current furniture and clutter. After the home is vacant the interior designer will then stage the home with furniture to make the space more appealing to buyers. The typical real estate staging ranges in price depending on location but generally costs between $3,000-$7,000 plus an additional fee for monthly rental. Virtual staging is a great option for many homeowners and realtors because the whole process can be accomplished digitally without disturbing the owner and virtual staging costs up to 95% less money.

How to virtually stage a home?

The best way to achieve realistic virtual staging is by allowing photo editing companies, like HD Estates, to complete the task for you. HD Estates has an extensive virtual staging catalog that clients can choose from.