Photoshop Editing

Leverage our team of expert graphic designers to perform any type of photoshop edits you need. Simply click on your completed photo- write a note and our editors will go to work.

HD Estates Photoshop Editing

Frequently Asked Questions

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I need a specific photo editing style, can HD Estates do that?
Due to the high-quality and streamlined approach at HD Estates, we want to ensure as much consistency as possible in our photo editing process. As such, specific photo editing requests cannot be fulfilled.
When do I pay?
Payment is required after the editing is completed, but before the photos are viewed. If the client is on a subscription, the credits will automatically be deducted from the credit balance. and the project will automatically be unlocked once completed.
Can I place a rush order?
We don't like to rush any projects because we want to ensure that every project is edited according to our high standards of excellence. For photo editing and photoshop edits, we offer three different turnaround times: 12 hours, 18 hours, and 24 hours.