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Seattle Born and Bred

The HD Estates company was founded over 10 years ago in Seattle, Washington with the mission to provide the highest quality HD Photography available for Real Estate.

Award-Winning Photography

We started with a single idea: to make professional property photography an art form and represent residential real estate in a stunning and innovative manner.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality HD Photography for Real Estate. Clients all over the world have testified that HD Estates has been a valuable partner in helping to sell properties faster and at higher values .

Innovation in our DNA

We are constantly studying new market trends and technology, and our offerings now include:

  • checkMatterport 3D scans
  • checkAerial photography
  • checkDrone videos
  • checkProperty websites

With Matterport 3D tours, beautiful property listing websites, real estate agents and buyers can view properties from anywhere in the world.

Employing the Best
of the Best

Thanks to our valued clients, we have grown to 250+ designers and 200+ photographers across the United States.

What customers are saying

Thousands of customers have used HD Estates to showcase their real estate

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    Dustin and Ronniel


    "When it comes to selling properties , doing photography through HD Estates is an automatic part of the process."

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    "Working with HD Estates was amazing. They made everything so easy. The first time i saw the video i broke down in tears, it was so beautifully done."

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    Alexa Upper


    "I work for the home builder JMarc Homes. We had a home in Medina, in about 3 days it ended up selling for cash 3.5 million dollars. The video really contributed to get the agent out there to show the home."

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What is HD Estates?

Are you looking for a real estate photographer and videographer in Seattle? Well, the search is over!

HD Estates is Seattle's number one real estate photography company committed to providing high-quality real estate photography and videography services.

We started with a simple idea: to make photography a form of art. Often, we wanted to see stunning listings of residential properties presented in the most innovative ways possible. Hence, we crafted our mission: to provide the highest quality real estate photographs. Yet, due to the industry's changing needs, we later on added video services for real estate listings.

That is how HD Estates videography came into the picture. Today, we remain the best in providing clients with 'Hollywood' quality video for listings.

Over ten years have passed, and we are still known as Seattle's household name when it comes to professional photography and videography.

As a real estate photography company, we specialize in taking the best HD photos and videos for realtors. Among our various real estate photography and videography services are HD Cinema, HD Photography, HD Websites, Aerial Photography, and 3D Virtual Tours.

HD Estates prioritizes quality over quantity. It has several teams of expert individuals that professionally handle clients' requests and instructions using only state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. It is one way to ensure the quality of the outputs we provide.

Here at HD Estates, we are not just doing the work you want. We also help you decide the best way to do the project by sharing meaningful insights related to photography and videography - the concepts and principles behind each idea and how realtors can leverage their listings against the others.

A home is a haven. That is why interested buyers should feel comfortable already with the property at first glance. This is possible by having attractive photographs and detailed videos of the house you are selling. For this reason, we exist.

Clients worldwide have testified that HD Estates has been their valuable partner in selling properties faster and at higher values. This is HD Estates, and we are here to help you. For best real estate photos and videos, get started or call us at 206-453-5291!