Matterport 3D Scanning

Easily add on a 2D floor plan to any Matterport order and attach the PDF to flyers and the MLS listing.

HD Estates Matterport 3D Scanning

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Matterport work?

Matterport spaces are created using a compatible 3D camera to capture your space. The data is uploaded to Matterport where their Cortex AI platform transforms the images into a 3D digital twin that can be customized to include Mattertags™ with texts, links, and videos. When complete, the Digital Twin can be shared with anyone on any device.

How long is a Matterport 3D virtual tour available?

An advantage of Matterport is that all of the 3D virtual tours are hosted by Matterport, making your digital twins secure and affordable. One year of hosting is included with the service. If you need extended hosting, please contact us for a quote.

How will I receive the 3D tour?

We will send you a link to the Matterport site where your tour is housed within 24 hours of the shoot. You can then embed the link wherever you want to feature the tour. You will also receive your own single property gallery to host your tour.

Can you shoot outside?

Direct sunlight can interfere with the Matterport camera for a 3D scan. Fortunately, Matterport offers Matterport 360° Views, a feature that allows an outdoor space to be scanned with the same devices that capture 3D data. Matterport 360° Views are 2D spherical images, much like Google Street View, that can be added to your 3D virtual tour. They allow viewers to look up, down, and all around a location from a fixed point.

Do I need to make space for a lot of equipment during the shoot?

No. Your Matterport photographer will bring less equipment than is required for traditional photography or videography. The Matterport camera is not much bigger than a large book and sits on a standard tripod. Our photographer will then control the scan with an iPad. No time consuming equipment setup – or space – required.