Cinematic Real Estate Video

Our team pioneered video for real estate in 2009. We continue to push the technology envelope by utilizing high end 4K RAW cameras, stabilization equipment and drone video.

HD Estates Real Estate Video

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does a real estate video cost?
Video editing prices depend on the expected output; typically a client will pay somewhere between $249 per video.
What are the different types of real estate videos?
Realtors may request a few different real estate videos--video walk-throughs, social media-sized videos, or photo slideshow videos. Phixer offers multiple styles of video editing to our clients.
How do you make a professional real estate video?
Creating a professional real estate video has a few important aspects: capturing the footage and editing the video. Successful real estate photographers and videographers use editing companies like Phixer to streamline their processes.
How much does it cost to use real estate video marketing?
Using the real estate video market has several associated costs, including the cost of videographer talents and equipment. Phixer offers affordable video editing options for real estate. With Phixer, a client will pay somewhere between $249 to edit a real estate video.
Why video editing is important?
Getting a good video editor is very important. Utilizing a team that has plenty of technical experience has many benefits including timely delivery, correct color grading, and high-quality transitions and music. Phixer is a great editing service to utilize for video editing.