Things to Know about Real Estate Photography Pricing

Things to Know about Real Estate Photography Pricing

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May 16, 2020

Real estate photography pricing depends on your prospective market, location, type of properties, photographers, and the number of photos. These are the things you need to consider before hiring a real estate photographer to make high-quality images portraying the overall quality of the properties on sale.

In the midst of real estate competition, the best way to keep on top is to stand out among your competitors. You’ll find hundreds and thousands of agents, brokers, and realtors who use various tactics to make their market skyrocketing. One of their strategies is using catchy photography depicting the property regarding its appearance and characteristics.

What’s more, photography in real estate business is a must-have to gain potential clients in no time. It will give them better ideas on the properties you are selling without them visiting directly. Moreover, you can use the photos to post on your blogs and social media profiles to find the best client you’ll ever have.

Before we proceed to the real estate photography pricing, you have to learn about the factors that will help your potential clients see the whole picture.

The Real Estate Photography Pricing

1. Aerial Drone Photography – approximately $300 for 10 photos

2. 3D Matterport Tours – $300 – $500 depending on the quality. Some prefer an hourly rate, so it also depends on your negotiation. But the price mentioned is the typical worth of this type of service.

3D Matterport Tours HD Estates

3. Additional tours – It might cause you an additional $250, based on what length you want to upgrade or add on your photos.

4. Aerial video tour – The minimum price could be $150 and higher.

Basic Drone Real Estate Photography

Factors to Consider Before Starting on the Real Estate Photography Project

• Decide whether you are going for aerial drone or virtual tours.

Since we are now living in an advanced technology, aerial and virtual tours are becoming more prevalent and available. So, it’s fine to ask the photographers if they offer one of these. But keep in mind that each has different pricing.

• The number of photos

Some photographers offer packages, and the prices depend on the number of photos you want them to take. Therefore, you need to think about how you want the properties to appear on the viewers’ end. If you want to focus on the landscape, then you might want to go for aerial photography with several photos in it.

On the other hand, if your subject is an apartment, you can focus on the elegance of the property by taking 3D virtual tours. The number of photos may depend on the size and number of rooms inside the single-family homes or apartments.

• Usage license

The image license depends on the scope of the agreement. If you want to own the full copyright of the photos, the pricing could be higher. Nonetheless, the good news is that you can use it anywhere for advertising. You can talk about the usage license and its price to your photographers to have a clear understanding of the contract.

• Your budget

Here’s the most crucial factor you have to consider before anything else. You need at least $150 to $500 budget to come up with excellent images you can present to your clients. Still, prices vary from one place to another.
You can check with the posting near your place, or you can search within your area. If not, the better way to know about professional photographers is through word of mouth. There might be someone from your family or relative who knows someone for taking excellent photography.

Before You Go: Photographer Background Check

Real Estate Photography PricingLooking for a professional photographer can be challenging, especially if you don’t know someone in your area. Don’t just go with anyone offering you the cheapest price. Remember, great real estate photography can create potential clients as a return. Think about the profit you might gain for having excellent visual presentations for your target market.

When your friend refers a photographer to you, the first thing you have to do is to do some background checking. Ask for a portfolio and sample work to see if it matches your expectation.

Moreover, look for a photographer who is committed – someone who knows how to cope up despite challenging situations. Also, it is essential to note that the photographer should know how to listen well with the instructions.
The last thing to know about your prospective photographer is the pricing. See if the portfolio or sample work is reasonable enough for the skills and knowledge about photography.

If you see that all of these real estate photography’s key points match to the photographer you have in mind, then you are probably in the right lane. Next thing you know, your visual presentation reaches your target market to bring more profits on your end.

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