6 Basic Drone Real Estate Photography Tips You Should Learn

6 Basic Drone Real Estate Photography Tips You Should Learn
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Mar 8, 2019

The art of photography has been boosted by drones. They have propelled photography to new heights and have taken the world by storm. Drones have been considered by photographers as a vital source to produce beautiful photos. They have opened up countless possibilities for photographers and videographers alike.

Most especially for the aerial views of real estate properties, using drones can bring out unique and interesting perspectives. The use of drones allows every photographer to take photos at a higher perspective. According to Digi Cam Help, drones can instantly change plain old photos into something impressive.

One can be truly impressed at how drones are capable of giving unique photos and videos. Especially important for photographers, drones have built-in cameras to rotate to provide them more freedom in creating magnificent photos. Aside from this, drones can help you reach far-flung areas that are inaccessible.

Real Estate Drone Photography Tips

Nowadays, drones are great not only for hobbies but to businesses as well. Adding drone to photography and videography real estate business can really help boost your business thus, increasing cash flow. To be able to master the use of drones, try the following tips below.

• Basic function of drones must be clearly understood

Basic function of drones

According to dronevibes.com, learning to understand the equipment and finding time to practice it is the initial thing to do. Many drones that are available in the market today are very easy to operate with little practice time to spare.

Making the drone fly in the air and just pushing the shutter button is the easiest part of the work. A photographer also needs to understand the light condition and the environment first before producing the well composed and graded photographs.

• A well-planned shoot is a requirement

As with all types of photography engagement, it is important to plan ahead. One of the reasons why photos are produced creatively is because the photographer must initially spend time researching the specific location of the property. To make things easier, Google Maps will aid you in scouting the area.

Choosing a perfect time of the day to shoot is crucial in the development of a good photograph. Also consider the position of the sun during aerial drone photography because proper lighting is a big factor in the contrast of the shoot.

Pre-visualizing the shoot will definitely help each photographer to assess the available points of view. For this reason, the camera’s settings can be adjusted like the metering mode and exposure mode.

• Check propeller balancing and vibration dampening

According to http://www.droneybee.com/drone-aerial-photography/, it is always important to check the propellers of the drone frequently to avoid the wobbling effect that basically affects the photo or video shoot. Even the slightest imbalance can create an uneven weight distribution that can significantly create extra movement that is prohibited in photo shoots.

• Know the weather of your location

Even if you are very creative in your drone photography techniques, it is still better to avoid using your equipment during windy, rainy or snowy weather. Although there are drones that are specifically made for rough conditions, it is still recommended to take shoots when the sun shines brightly.

• Maximize flight time

The last thing you really wanted is to damage or crash your drone. Once you are familiar with your equipment, it is important to know how long the drone can fly. It is essential to make test runs first before taking a serious flight for shoot.

• Learn the concepts of aerial photography

Even if you master the settings and manipulation of your drone, it is deemed useless if you do not know the basics of aerial photography. These concepts may include the focal length and scale, fiducial marks, overlapping and stereoscopic coverage, and many more. According to http://www.droneybee.com/drone-aerial-photography/, this is one of the requirements in developing the skills with drone aerial photography.

Aside from the equipment that you own, you can also learn to master the concepts of aerial photography by watching and learning aerial photography and videos. Getting inspiration is one way to improve the art of aerial real estate photography. Learn how to get the piloting done and how the equipment is maneuvered around the area to constantly improve your craft.

Claire Wright, a savvy tech nerd and self-taught photographer who lives in Seattle and working at one of the best real estate photography companies called HD Estates.

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