6 Popular Photo Editing Apps for Real Estate Photography

6 Popular Photo Editing Apps for Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography

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Apr 30, 2019

Selling a property has never been easy without simple yet handy cameras that are capable of producing great quality images in the Real Estate industry. Having a good camera is a step closer to selling your property. Enhancing the image quality through a simple yet amazing photo editing app is another story which can take your business to a whole new and better level. It is because, the more beautiful, more vibrant, and more realistic your pictures are, the greater is the chance for your property to get sold quickly.

Since the industry of Real Estate revolves with tough competitions, you need some things for you to be able to tab in the demands of the market, especially when it comes to creating world-class image quality. A photo editing application is a helpful tool in improving and selling your products.

Here are some of the user-friendly photo editing applications for Real Estate Photography.


1. Snapseed. Nik Software, a subsidiary of Google, produced a user-friendly photo editing app in the name of Snapseed. It is an app that is helpful for beginners in the field of photography. You can improve the quality of your shot by the features of this app. Image cropping, transforming, and rotating, are just few of the things you can apply with your shot. It also has brush option where you can tone the exposure, temperature, and saturation of the image to your desire. Add also simple texts that come in different font types. Advance filters and High Definition Resolution can also be applied in your shot using this application. Twist your Real Estate photographs easily before posting.

2. Lightroom. Correct the shot using this software introduced by Adobe Corporation. This app is originally available only in desktop or laptop but it was made available also for smartphones. Edit your photo by adjusting proper white balance and colors. Adjust whatever you want by exploring some layers and edits in this app. While it offers basic editing in images offline, you can also add different features for your perfect image by purchasing a subscription plan which allows you to access your file, edit, and share it, anytime and anywhere.

3. Diptic. If you need to compile shots in one image then this app is right for the feat. It allows you to create professional-looking photo collages. It also features a before and after sequence of a photo presentation. You can choose from its available 180 layouts for an arrangement of picture that suits the purpose. Your chosen layout can be utilized where you can add your photographs that consist your property and the app will process it, offering you a final image that sorts your real estate property being sold.

4. LightTrac. This app is best for exterior shot of your real estate property. It gives you the information about the proper time of taking outdoor pictures and also provides you data to shoot indoor instead. This is possible because the app can offer sun position where sunrise, sunset, and also the moon’s rising and setting. The data is presented after you enter your specific location.

5. Panorama 360. Take a 360 degrees image and present the whole view of the house using this app. It allows you to capture panoramic photographs. This is great for exterior shot where every single angle is taken. This app comes with a guide on how to capture 360 degrees image. You can also directly share the image to your social media accounts.

6. Pixelmator. Another app with an easy user interface is this one. Originally, it was only released as a desktop software but later had its mobile version. Edit your image with quick and magnetic selection tools where you can repair the image by adjusting its colors and adding interesting and powerful effects. Be the artist of your own craft using this app.

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