How to Shoot Interesting Real Estate to Attract More Buyers

How to Shoot Interesting Real Estate to Attract More Buyers
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Jun 4, 2021

The real estate market is fast-paced and rapidly evolving due to the many economic, societal, and health changes in recent years. Real estate companies practice aggressive pricing changes, better listing copy practices, and photo standards. If you want to remain competitive, you need to improve the quality of your photoshoots or rely on experts.

Seattle real estate photography standards have improved to accommodate the ever-changing global lifestyles. Well-known professional photographers use tips and tricks to showcase the best real estate angles and promote sales.

Here are some of the exciting ways to shoot properties and sell better:

1. Choose and start from a unique focal point

Your images should always have a point of focus or focal point. The purpose of the focal point is to capture the viewer’s attention and ultimately entice a purchase decision. If you are shooting a personal property, you should know the top reasons why someone would want your real estate. The focal point shows the potential customer features that they would find appealing.

You should know what your property focal points are before you book real estate photography services. Here are some of the possible spots to look out for:

  • Scenic background
  • Accent colors or unique features
  • Swimming pool or artificial pond
  • Front porch design
  • Colorful garden
  • Art pieces

Make a list of all the unique features you can find in the property, and strategize which ones to highlight in the listing.

2. Use the correct property photography perspectives

The image perspective matters a lot, especially in presenting dimensions. There are standard Seattle real estate photography processes and procedures, but the primary purpose is to have genuine photographs. You should market and promote your property by following the appropriate methods. There’s a thin line between stylizing real estate images and looking artificial, so it’s essential to practice the correct angles and perspectives.

Here are some tips on perspective:

  • The horizon should be a straight horizontal line flat on the ground.
  • Avoid special lenses and perspectives like worm’s eye and bird’s eye views.
  • Drone shots help show off large properties.
  • Don’t shoot from the ground up to prevent unrealistic height expectations.
  • Take a photo of the front porch area.
  • Showcase at least two walls of the room.

There are numerous terrific real estate photography tips, and perspective is one of the most tricky ones to master. The wrong lens or angle may leave you with a wonky-looking image.

3. Clean and organize the real estate

You should clean and organize the area before conducting photoshoots. You need to present a tidy and neat place, especially when you’re doing property photography. First impressions last long, especially when your photo is up against thousands with similar appearances. You can also do virtual home staging when the rooms are unprepared.

An orderly surrounding gives the impression that the property is well maintained and may not need significant maintenance services.

4. Compose photos according to Target Market

You can compose images to suit your prospective customers, and curating your photoshoot according to your target market’s wants is an excellent way to attract clients. There are many subtle ways to accommodate your possible buyer’s psyche and give the feeling of being homey.

Here are some accents or features according to potential buyer preferences:

  • Art pieces
  • Accent wall colors
  • Garden statues
  • Inclusive pieces of furniture

Final Thoughts

Real estate photography is an art, and it’s essential to improve your perspectives and techniques to compete with other listings. You might also need real estate images with perfectly worded listing descriptions to enhance sales potential. If you’re in doubt, you can contact trusted real estate photography services that offer specialized assistance.

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