The Principles of High Definition Real Estate Photography

The Principles of High Definition Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography

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Apr 17, 2020

One of the most sought after real estate listings are those with high definition and crispy content. Pictures must be shown clearly online. They should expressly provide the edge in luring potential customers in buying your products. Providing high resolution photos can give you a gigantic advantage to engage with the buyers with the help of your well-designed real estate listings for your virtual tours.

Advantages of Using High Definition Real Estate Photography

There has been a lot of remarkable development of real estate photos over the last decade. Competition wise, there is always a reason when and why you should hire the services of a professional real estate photographer. High definition photos will be advantageous in selling your listing faster. They are also great paths in attracting more buyers and sellers to your business.

HD Real Estate Photography

Before going into the different advantages of using high definition real estate photography, it is also important to know the important tools used by a professional real estate photographer to come up with high definition photos. Photographers should have:

• High-quality Camera

When buying a camera, it is advisable to pick a camera with a large full frame sensor that will create a 1:1 ratio. Anything less than 1:1 ratio will create a loss of space. It would be a plus if the camera has an automatic exposure bracketing feature.

• Wide Angle Lens

Using a wide-angle lens camera will let you shoot the whole perspective of the shot especially when shooting the interiors of a room. One of the effects using a wide angle lens to the viewer is that it makes him feel that he is actually inside that room.

• Tripod

The tripod is an indispensable item for a photographer. With the help of a tripod, it always keeps the shot at camera level.

• Photo Editing Software

To improve real estate photographs, software is being used to improve digital images, correct minor mistakes, or eradicate blemishes. Adobe’s Photoshop is the most popular editing software which is very essential to a photographer’s exact envisioning of his shots.

• External Flash Items

Every camera has a built-in pop-up flash. But a camera always needs an extra flash. This is important if there is no extra light around. With the use of multiple flashes, it can light particular parts of the image you want to shoot.

• Light Meter

A light meter is an apparatus that selects the correct exposure for a photo. This equipment allows the photographer to choose the perfect aperture and shutter speed.

• Website

Having an attractive website is what entices clients to visit it. Make it a point that the template you are using for your website will offer a correct and complete package for every individual visiting your website.

The use of the different principles in creating high definition real estate photos clearly work to every photographer’s advantage.

1. They can make blue skies in every image. Oftentimes, images are photographed during cloudy skies. Because of having the knowledge about blue sky replacement, clients can be blown away by how great their property looks in gloomy weather.

2. Photos will always be upright and vertically levelled using perspective correction. High definition images are always checked for misaligned edges and corners.

3. Application of whites and colors are accurate. The colors of the interiors and the different objects inside the house seem natural and real.

4. High definition real estate photos help agents sell more properties at a higher price. They can also sell houses at a faster pace. The creation of eye-catching images can propel buyers to act quickly and decisively.

5. HD photos are social media magnets. These kinds of photos can be uploaded to a Facebook gallery that will serve as virtual a tour guide. Social media is a breakthrough in terms of marketing your real estate photography business.

6. Qualify yourself as a professional. The perception of buyers has a lot to do with you becoming a highly professional photographer because of the HD images you have advertised. You don’t need to attain the highest educational degree possible. You just need to surround yourself with the right people to produce HD photographs.

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