The 7 Essential Tools in Real Estate Photography

The 7 Essential Tools in Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography

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Feb 9, 2019

Just like camping outdoors, you will not go out and do not bring your tent, camping stove, sleeping bag, first aid kit, and other important equipment. In the world of real estate photography, there is more than just camera and lens. Just like any photographers, people engaged in real estate photography wanted to produce stunning photos that sell.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional photographer, you still want to learn many details of the business. And when it comes to real estate, you do not only need to produce quality photos to make in real estate listings. The very equipment you will be using makes all the difference.

Building business reputation is what every owner is protecting as well as developing. And starting any business for that matter is time-consuming. Especially for real estate photography, you will not only take a lot of effort to find potential clients but you need a better equipment to run the business smoothly. Choosing the right camera equipment, reading books and articles and improving technical skills are the basic necessities of a good real estate photographer.

Important Tools of a Real Estate Photographer

As a real estate photographer, you must carry the following equipment as your arsenal to start the rigorous battle of the business.

1. High-quality Camera

Budget is always the usual problem when it comes to acquiring high-quality camera. This is the most crucial single equipment needed by every photographer. But having this kind of camera does not necessarily mean that you need to buy an expensive one to produce great photos.

When buying a camera, it is advisable to pick a camera with a large full frame sensor that will create a 1:1 ratio. Take note that anything less than 1:1 ratio will create a loss of space. It would be a plus if the camera has an automatic exposure bracketing feature.

2. Wide Angle Lens

As important as the camera, choosing a wide-angled lens is very advantageous when it comes to real estate photography. Using a wide-angled lens camera will let you shoot the whole perspective of the shot especially when shooting the interiors of a cozy room. One of the effects using a wide angle lens to the viewer is that it makes him feel that he is actually inside that room.

3. Tripod

The tripod is an indispensable item for a photographer. It is an indispensable item. With the use of sliding snap pieces in extending the legs of the tripod, it can be useful in taking a shot at a low shutter speed to be able to let enough light come in. Even professional photographers find it very hard to hold the camera without being shaky. With the help of a tripod, it always keeps the shot at camera level.

4. Photo Editing Software

There are many editing software that are commonly used not only by real estate photographers but also by people engaged in similar business. This editing software such as Photoshop, Enfuse and Lightroom may be very popular to most people nowadays – those updating their websites, their You Tube subscription, students making assignments, and many more.

To improve real estate photographs, these programs are being used to improve digital images, correct minor mistakes, or eradicate blemishes. Adobe’s Photoshop is the most popular editing software which is very essential to a photographer’s exact envisioning of his shots.

5. External Flash Items

Every camera has a built-in pop-up flash. But this camera feature is not sufficient especially for giving great atmosphere to real estate photography. The proper setting for a real estate shoot, especially in the interior part of a house, needed extra flash. This is important if there is no extra light around.

This external flash can easily be mounted directly on every camera. You can also have the option to place multiple flashes around an area inside a house. With the use of multiple flashes, it can light particular parts of the image you want to shoot.

6. Light Meter

A light meter is an apparatus that selects the correct exposure for a photo. This equipment allows the photographer to choose the perfect aperture and shutter speed. Having the correct aperture and shutter speed will allow the camera to take maximum exposure. With the help of a light meter, it allows proper exposure for all photographic scenes.

7. Photography Website

Digitization is the culprit why a website for real estate photography is important. This is not part of the gear you are bringing to the site. It is also not the equipment you are using during photo shoot but it is self-explanatory why one needs to have his own website. Having the right tools and equipment is essential it is also viable to have an online space in the Internet.

Having an attractive website is what entices clients to visit it. Make it a point that the template you are using for your website will offer a correct and complete package for every individual visiting your website.

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