7 Best Tips on How to Make the Best Listing Videos

7 Best Tips on How to Make the Best Listing Videos
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Oct 30, 2020

In real estate, images are not the only important content to have. Most of the time, you need to secure videos that can show and provide more information about the property and the company. While securing compelling images is already handy work, producing a great video also requires more time and effort. Hence, there are always more reasons to hire a real estate photographer and videographer to produce your property’s images and videos.

Now, getting started with the planned video production does not only mean preparation on the real estate photographer and videographer’s side. It also means preparing necessary documents for detailed instructions and following useful tips along the way.

Here are seven proven tips for creating a compelling listing video.

Hire the best videographer

When it comes to creating the best listing video, it will help to hire someone who is an expert in the field. Doing this will assure you of a superb output from the technical to the video’s aesthetics side.

Plan and write the script

After determining the need for a videographer, your next step will be to plan and write your video script. Honestly, this should be done by someone from your marketing department, but if you are a one-person team realtor, you need to do this yourself. The key is to keep it short and straightforward. Having a long video is fine, but a short-form video is mostly preferred to retain a buyer’s attention.

Make sure to show yourself in the video

As a realtor, it is essential to have enough online presence. Show yourself in front of the camera and try to give a short explanation of the property, or you can also be the leading tour guide in the video.

Choose the best background music

Remember that achieving great video shots is good, but having the appropriate background music is another thing. A video without the right music seems out of context and is not very useful in capturing the target audience’s attention.

Utilize drone shots

Including some drone shots in the video also adds plus points to the video. With drones, capturing the unique aerial view is now more doable than before, when realtors may need to rent a real helicopter to get some nice aerial shots of the property. It is best to add some drone clips to show potential buyers the home in the context of the neighborhood, like how close it is to parks, schools, hospitals, churches, shopping centers, etc.

Address your audience

In the video, you should think that your audience will be your potential buyers too. Try to converse with them in a friendly way, but not too clingy. Be conversational and encourage them to ask questions through email or other communication channels available.

Do not overuse editing techniques

It is never wrong to utilize available editing processes – do not overuse them. For example, you can try minimizing the use of virtual staging in the videos and focus only on the relevant editing techniques you can employ. This will make the overall video look natural yet still enticing.

In the end, make it a point to include these tips when planning and creating a listing video. Moreover, aside from making it superb, boost your online presence to ensure that your targeted audience can see your video. Making the best online listing video is a great asset you can add to your real estate listing. So, if you get the chance to secure a great video, use it well together with compelling real estate images and close that deal you dream.

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