What is a real estate virtual tour?

What is a real estate virtual tour?
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Aug 19, 2020

Back in the old days, an open house for real estate properties is an effective marketing strategy used by almost every realtor.

However, in later years, there has been a change in the industry – from traditional marketing to massive digitalization. The industry needs to cope with the changes; otherwise, it cannot keep up with the competition.

As part of the changes, the concept of real estate virtual tour becomes the online equivalent of physical house tours.

Despite the digitalization, open house tours remain available for those who want to experience it. Yet, it will not become in-demand now as it was before. Due to the pandemic, many realtors opt to do virtual tours, and clients applauded the approach as one of the safest ways to continue buying a property they want.

What is a real estate virtual tour, and why is it an excellent alternative in the real estate market? Let us find out!

3D Virtual Tour and Live Video

A real estate virtual tour can be a live video or a 3D tour. With live video, the realtor leads the tour and explains the parts of the property and its amenities. You will need to listen and pay attention to details.

On the other hand, a 3D virtual tour lets you do a “walk-through” of the property and the realtor using a prerecorded tour of the home or facility. The use of 3D Matterport scans is usually used in 3D virtual tours.

Matterport is a three-dimensional camera system you can use to create realistic and fully immersive virtual experiences. With the use of this technology, realtors can give their clients a full-blast and satisfying virtual tour. It lets potential buyers experience what is not possible with photos or 360 tours.

The ability of 3D Matterport tours to capture the whole property in a 3D video provides realtors with the chance to accommodate potential buyers anywhere. The set-up is simple and easy to follow – no hassle at all.

To avail of this service, most realtors seek the professional 3D virtual tour services of a real estate photography and videography company.

Why is it an excellent alternative?

Effective marketing strategy under the “new normal”

The pandemic is a game-changer. It affected various industries and changed the norm. The real estate field is one of the affected industries, prompting many realtors and companies to adopt techniques that can help the business hang in there until it fully recovers. It has become a great solution to the mobility problem of people under the “new normal“.

Cost-effective solution

Preparing a property for an open house tour is quite costly compared to doing a virtual one. For one, you need to make the property by staging it with furniture and decorations. To accomplish that, you need to get a home staging company’s services for a hefty price. However, with a virtual tour, you pay for the real estate photography and videography company to create the tour at an affordable rate and without any additional charges.

Safe and simple

3d virtual tours provide a safe way to deal with buyers and vice-versa. You can freely discuss matters about the property without being sick. Moreover, it is a simple and accessible option, as long as you are online and have a working gadget.

In the end, the 3D virtual tour is a useful real estate marketing tool that helps realtors today amidst the pandemic. It is also the answer for buyers who still want to pursue their investment without having physical interaction. It is a valuable tool that continues to be in-demand alongside the indispensable tools in the real estate industry.

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