Why You Need a Website for Your Real Estate Business

Why You Need a Website for Your Real Estate Business
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May 27, 2020

Considering how profitable the real estate industry is, many have ventured into its competitive and fast-paced world. In fact, there are estimated 2 million registered real estate agents in the US – a steady increase over the last decade. Last year, around 701,000 new homes were sold according to the US Census Bureau. 92% of these homes were sold through a broker or an agent.

To make yourself ahead of the competition, there are several ways that will help you attract potential buyers. Aside from posting on various social media platforms, one way of promoting your real estate business is by establishing your own website. Essentially, this is a cost-effective and easy to achieve task that leads you closer to building your edge in the industry.

Besides being achievable and good for your finances, here are more benefits to having your own real estate business website:

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• For Visibility

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 73% of Realtors use Facebook to promote their business while 51% have their own websites. Having both increases your visibility for potential buyers. Think of it as putting up a sign along the road.

Moreover, creating a website gives you an advantage over specific regions. By using Local SEO (search engine optimization), you can incorporate keywords targeted to that specific area into your website and eventually establish your presence. This increases the chance of discovering your business whenever a potential client looks for a specific area of that town.

• To Acquire Leads Passively

Creating your own website is a great way of promoting your real estate business on the Internet. In fact, 93% of people visit websites when searching for new homes. There, you can put your contents, listings and offered services. You can also start a social media account which you can link to your website.

Utilizing as much net traffic greatly increases your chances of acquiring leads passively. With a website, you don’t need to do the hassle of making phone calls or sending out emails. Instead, interested buyers will just fill out the necessary forms and contact details which will then give you a good lead.

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• To Build Credibility

Just like any other business, trust is very crucial in the world of real estate. Home sellers want to know that you can maximize the value of their property and sell it in a short time span while buyers want to be assured that you can help them get their ideal home at the lowest price possible. With a website, you can prove it!

Your website is a great platform to increase your credibility as a real estate agent. There, you can post about the recent properties you’ve sold and gain the trust of any potential client viewing your website.

• To Establish Authority

Through your website, you can establish and enhance your authority in your area. Make your website valuable and make it as the “go-to” site for potential clients in that specific location. Moreover, you can add tools like Mortgage Calculators, Information on Loan Programs, Home Buyer Tips and access to MLS listings to make your website valuable. With this, you are seen as a reliable realtor they can trust, may it be to sell or buy.

• To Establish Your Own Brand

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Establishing your own website means establishing your own brand as well as setting yourself apart from the competition. Your website reflects your authority, goals and services. As mentioned earlier, having your own site gives you credibility. In addition to this, according to the NAR, 54% of buyers and 64% of sellers worked with their agent through a personal referral. And where’s the best place for a potential client to look you up? Your website!

• To Open Endless Marketing Opportunities

Outbound marketing is fading. With increased accessibility of Americans to the internet, inbound marketing has taken its place. Inbound marketing means the customer or client finds you whenever they need you. With your website, potential clients can find you. A previous customer you have worked with might refer it to a friend of theirs who’s looking for a new home.

Another form of marketing is content marketing. Content marketing is writing a blog-style content that you can optimize using SEO, which you can later on share on social media to draw more attention to your business.

• To Keep You Up With Your Competitors

People have created the mentality that if I can’t find it on the internet, I won’t trust it. Agents who are new to the business often fall victim to this. They lose referrals from potential clients simply because there is no other information of their business on the internet.

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By creating your own website you won’t lose potential clients anymore and you’ll definitely have an edge over your competitors. If ever you’re a newbie real estate agent, don’t hesitate creating your own site.

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of having your own website for your real estate business, perhaps it’s time that you establish yours too! Or if you already have one, polish it to your heart’s desire and maybe—hopefully—soon you’ll find the list of your clients piling up and your listings being sold one after another.

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