6 Reasons why Homeowners Love Living in LA

6 Reasons why Homeowners Love Living in LA

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Mar 8, 2019

LA can seem like a charming city to everyone. Think about Beverly Hills, Silver Lake, and all the interesting places in between. If you’re thinking about moving to LA, you might already know that Los Angeles is another expensive real estate market next to New York.

However, there are lots of perks to living in LA that many people are not actually leaving the city.

1. Weather. This is the most obvious reason why people love LA. The weather is mostly the perfect 73 degrees out unlike other places in the country. This is also the weather for most days of the year. It’s not too hot nor too cold which makes it perfect for ice cream and a bike or a walk out. Although in the summer the temperature can get a bit hot, it’s not too humid. It’s also sunny 90 percent of the time which is great for being out and about all the time.

2. Diversity. You will meet different types of people in LA. The city is a huge melting pot culturally and ethnically. LA has a consistent influx of immigrants which makes it even more vibrant and colorful. It is a city of transplants and is the 12th most diverse city in the country. Over 200 languages are spoken in Los Angeles. This kind of diversity fuels the city, from its food to its culture. This creates more meaningful adventures and experiences for everyone in the community.

3. Increasing home valuation. Home prices in LA have appreciated over 70 percent in the last five years. The real estate market did take a huge hit during the recession. However, it’s now going strong. Breaking through the LA housing market can be difficult for first-time homeowners because of the home prices. However, its year-on-year growth is a good reason why many homeowners stay and love living in LA.

4. Neighborhood. Los Angeles is not just a city. It is composed of more than 80 neighborhoods and districts merged into a single city. Each neighborhood was developed piecemeal and has its own definitive characteristic. This means there is always a specific part of LA for every homeowner. There are some neighborhoods that come with great schools. Others are a focal point for certain ethnicity. No matter what kind of neighborhood you’re after as a homeowner, you can surely find one in LA.

5. Investing. There are a lot of investors coming and moving to LA because of the growing start-up community and also the real estate industry. This is especially true for foreign investors that think LA is a strategic location for their new real estate portfolios. Many Chinese investors consider the coastal communities in LA to be inexpensive. This also has become a favorite destination for them. In turn, this propels the growth of the real estate industry in LA and makes it even more favorable for current homeowners.

6. Lifestyle and attitude. Because of the pleasant weather in Los Angeles, there is a strong fitness and outdoor lifestyles that are imbibed by the city and its people. The gyms are everywhere and easily there are trails and parks for those who want to hike, run, or bike in the outdoors. There is also a prevalence in the casual and cool attitude in LA. You’ll definitely see the laid back West Coast feel everywhere. The dress code is usually casual.

There are other reasons as to why homeowners and everyone in general love LA. Aside from the growing real estate market, its diverse culture, and casual lifestyle, Los Angeles is home to a good job market, a delicious food scene, and a variety of activities. You’ll never be bored of LA and it’s a city brimming with opportunities and good fun.

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